Alaska School Nurses Association

Create a NASN Tribute Video - Due Monday, April 26th

Posted 17 days ago by Annette Johansen

Hello Members,

I know this is a busy time for you.  I am writing to ask if ASNA colleagues can record and upload a Tribute Video by Monday, April 26th.  The message should be brief, no more than 2 minutes.  You can see examples on the Tribute Website.  Details below.  I appreciate your help with this project. 

This past year, you have embodied NASN's Framework for 21st Century School Nursing, through your resiliency, critical advocacy skills, flexibility, and creativity. Your work to represent the needs of school children, participation in critical data collection, and provision of key public health and infection control expertise has truly embodied the principles of Leadership, Community/Public Health; Care Coordination, Standards of Practice and Quality Improvement.

I am asking if you are willing to contribute to NASN's Tribute video collection page to help us collect stories from the past year.   Once your video is uploaded to the Tribute collection page it becomes part of the NASN collection of stories from school nurses across the country. I hope you will film a 2 minute or less video to tell how you have been living into the Framework.

You have a history of being an early adopter, so please take a few minutes to record your story, in the next day or so. Choose one of these questions, keep it simple, find a bright & quiet space, and record. Don't forget to end with, "Proud to be a 21st Century School Nurse!"

You can upload a pre-recorded video, or even easier, you can record your video right on the Tribute page, using your computer web camera.

If you have any questions or difficulty uploading or recording, you can reach out to Carol Walsh  by emailing 

With gratitude,                                                                                
Laurie G. Combe, MN, RN, NCSN
President - National Association of School Nurses