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New School Nurse Mentorship Program - now available

Posted 9 days ago by Annette Johansen

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Hello School Nurses,

G O O D  N E W S !   ASNA and Alaska School Nurse Consultants are very pleased to be able to offer school nurses in Alaska the opportunity to participate in the New School Nurse Mentorship Program.

Mentee criteria: available to Alaska new school nurses who are in their first two years of school nursing practice.

Mentor criteria: available to an experienced school nurse with a minimum of 3-years school nursing experience and willing to support a new school nurse.

Mentors needed: Please fill out an application if you are willing to mentor a new school nurse. Several mentors will be paired with mentees in May and will continue throughout the next school year. Other mentors will be needed starting in August and September.

April 30th deadline for May 2021 Mentorship

May 30th deadline for August-May 2021/2022

Q U A L I T I E S  &  B E N E F I T S  O F  A  M E N T O R

  • Interest in nurse leadership development
  • Willingness to train new school nurses
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Open-minded with a positive view of school nursing
  • Have a genuine concern for new school nurse growth
  • A member of the Alaska School Nurses Association
  • Three or more years of school nursing experience
  • $500 Stipend per semester for 2021-2022 school year

Register for the position you want at the links below.

MENTEE Application          MENTOR Application

For questions email: