Alaska School Nurses Association

NASN Survey - What Barriers in Data Collection and Purposes Collected; Your voice needs to be heard.

Posted about 2 years ago by Annette Johansen

NASN is conducting an environmental scan to see what the barriers to data collection and what purpose it is used. NASN would like to develop a training or toolkit or other materials that would support you, the practicing School Nurse,  in collecting and using your own data. Please complete this short survey to help us know your needs/concerns. Honesty and insight is what we are looking for. This survey is for any school nurse who works with students. Please feel free to pass it along to your colleagues who may not be members of NASN.

NASN is starting small (to see similarities first, then may put it in the weekly digest next week) — They are requesting a survey to be sent out to school nurses in every state and asking them to complete it by May 17th, it should take only about 10 minutes.